The Solo Escape.


There is no way of running away from pain, or the memories that bring tears to your eyes. There is no escape from the process that healing requires. Healing requires honesty and deep truth. It requires confronting ugly and painful parts of yourself, to accept them and work on them.  There is no escape from yourself.

Luckily we can escape to places we like for a little while, and so I decided on a solo Italian escape!

I will share more of the Italian travel tips and pictures in the subsequent posts. Let’s start with the basics, do the dirty work and see if this is for us. Right? Right.

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First Things First!


It is always difficult to introduce yourself to strangers. I have never really been good at it. Although some think I wreak of confidence and seem comfortable to explore the unfamiliar.

Truth is, there is always a little fear that attempts to hold you hostage when you are about to do something new. I have been held hostage many a times. I just decide, in the spare of the moment, to be the smart hostage that out-thinks her captor. It always seems to be an easy task to evade the situation. I mean, I’ve come face to face with this captor so many times in my life that it should be getting easier and easier to evade. Matter of fact, I should now be walking hand in hand with my captor smiling, showing off all the places I have managed to get to using the edge the captor gave me.

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